Gary “Sam” DeWitt

Chief Financial Officer

Sam DeWitt oversees day-to-day operations and financial responsibilities at CWK. DeWitt is a successful, serial entrepreneur and businessman with a background in management and finance. Prior to co-founding CWK, DeWitt was the co-owner and co-founder of Brent and Sam’s cookies, a gourmet food company that he started in his kitchen with his best friend and college roommate. DeWitt ran day-to-day operations of Brent and Sam’s for over a decade building an enterprise that reached national and international distribution. Following the successful development of that business, he co-founded CWK with his wife Stacey. Brent and Sam’s Cookies is still an ongoing enterprise and is now owned by Shearer Foods. Even today, it is not uncommon to see Sam tasting and testing Brent and Sam’s cookies in specialty stores and deli’s around New York City.
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