Connect with Kids through Television (CWK TV) for Youth and Families is the nation’s largest, evidence-based video streaming portal focused on whole child development and well-being for PreK-12 youth. Licensed by schools and school districts throughout the nation, the portal is a dynamic and flexible Pre-K through 12 teaching and learning tool for foundational or extended learning in individual and group settings. The portal’s home page and sample lessons are available below. PreK-2 lessons are illustrated and include a Google Slide lesson. Elementary – High School begin with a student voice video(s) and are supported by an age appropriate lesson. Additionally, the SEL Learning Library contains dozens of robust Print Only Lessons segmented by grade band and competency. (Sample High School Read Only Lesson)

Defining US, Children at the Crossroads of Change is now available for download across all major VOD platforms, including Apple TV, Prime Video, iTunes, and many more. The film, distributed by Gravitas Ventures, is the first in a documentary series focused on helping youth, families, educators, and communities engage in constructive conversations that build the critical thinking skills needed to help solve crucial issues.
Defining US is also being presented in town hall gatherings nationwide. Highlights of a few of these events follow.

  • Defining US Trailer

  • Atlanta Town Hall

  • NYC Town Hall

  • Washington D.C. Town Hall

The Take Action Portal Membership Community is your catalyst to deeper constructive conversations on crucial issues that affect us all. Here you will find multimedia and text supports that can strengthen relationships, foster critical discussion for deeper understanding on tough to talk about topics, and enhance your own understanding on issues of equity and inclusion, access and achievement. These learning resources support the development of necessary 21st Century skills designed for facilitators, mentors, educators, and any adult looking for ways to learn and engage in a way that helps build better meaning for yourself and others. Your membership will be an important tool to ignite learning for yourself, other adults, and youth with advisory classes, youth equity teams, and professional development! Joining the community gives you immediate access to:

Our digital professional development courses are designed for self-guided learning. Each course takes the learner through a series of modules, that include In-depth videos with subject matter experts and/or youth testimonials; active participation through a series of video and text learning experiences for users with time to reflect, journal, and answer multiple choice questions to check for understanding; and Badging, Analytics and 24/7 Help Desk Support. Please see two examples below. Our Mental Health Awareness Course and our DUS Equity Course.

  • Equity Course
  • Mental Health Course
  • Custom Suicide Prevention Course
  • Custom Mental Health Course

Our live professional development courses may include in-person presentations, online Powerpoint presentations or webinars. Each will likely include powerful graphics, in-depth videos with subject matter experts and/or youth testimonials, and active participation learning experiences. Please see examples below.

The Defining US Local Strategy Campaign brings the Defining US “Reach and Teach” model to your community! CWK’s professional communications team helps schools, organizations, and local communities tell their own stories and create a local Defining US campaign to help their voices be heard.

  • Norristown, PA Barista Jake
  • NYC DOE Restorative Practices
  • CS4A Drumming and Coding
  • Normal with Autism

Prevent drug and alcohol use in the early high school years.
Help students build resiliency and make the positive decisions to assure a healthy future — especially when it comes to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, heroin and prescription drugs — with compelling evidence-based video and print resources. This program is designated OASAS Prevention Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Strategies.

  • RRR Home Page
  • Student Alcohol and Tobacco/Nicotine
  • RRR ParentingRRR Parenting
  • Facilitator GuideRRR Facilitator Guide

Create your own films to add to the Defining US local initiative!
Everyone has a story to tell! What’s yours? With our DIY Movie Making Kit, your team of administrators and students can participate in creative filmmaking projects to document their own stories.