Doug DePriest

Chief Media Officer, CWK Network, Inc.

Doug DePriest is a former cable executive and an award-winning creator of content. As an executive for Discovery’s Travel Channel, DePriest led the network’s production and development teams, grew the channel’s distribution from 16 million to over 70 million homes, and commissioned thousands of hours of original programming for air in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America. DePriest left network life to found Big Fish Entertainment (BFE), named a Top 100 Non-Fiction media company in the world by Real Screen. During his tenure at BFE, DePriest developed and produced a wide variety of programs for cable networks such as Discovery, National Geographic, A&E, VH1, and TLC including Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan and DC Cupcakes. While at BFE, DePriest was also the executive producer of Reality PD, a groundbreaking short form documentary series of 150 ten-minute pieces produced in conjunction with the Gates Foundation and DC Public Schools. Blending documentary and reality formats, DePriest developed engaging video episodes about effective teaching practices in grades K through 12. This project further peaked his interest in education and social action films prompting DePriest to ultimately sell his share of Big Fish to his junior partner and join CWK as an equity partner to help expand the media division.
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