A Social Action Network that Improves Lives

The word “network” is an important part of our name. For almost 20 years, we have collaborated with educational and media organizations to build local networks that impact millions of students nationwide.

Our clients include schools, school districts, non-profits, foundations, government organizations, broadcast/cable networks and media companies. Using our programs and communication strategies, these clients have built powerful, successful local networks that in the whole are far greater than the sum of their parts.

They have connected students, parents, educators, and community partners through engaging stories, dynamic websites, and educational resources focused on social emotional learning and have effectively used media to encourage active participation in the educational process and to inspire social change.

Many have reached far beyond their organizational walls to establish public/private partnership and educational campaigns to expand social action initiatives. These campaigns have attracted national sponsors such as Sprint, AT&T, Allstate Insurance, CVS Pharmacy and more. Our mission is to continue to expand this network to create positive social change and improve the lives of children across our nation.