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  • DIY Movie Making Kit

    Create your own films to add to the Defining US local initiative!

    Everyone has a story to tell, and with our DIY Movie Making Kit, your team of administrators and students can participate in creative filmmaking projects and document their own stories.

    Our DIY Movie Making Kit includes:

    10 hours of virtual training with one of our CWK film directors
    20 hours of professional editing with one of our staff editors
    A comprehensive video production kit:

    1. A. HD Video Camera Kit
    2. B. HD webcam & tripod
    3. C. USB microphone
    4. D. Backdrop Kit
    5. E. LED video light & stand
    6. F. iPhone/iPad Adapter
    7. G. USB multi-adapter
    8. H. Ethernet cables
    9. I. Hard-shell and Soft-side Cases

    In addition to the training session, we include a short training module to get you started, and a printable resource guide.