Our Work

CWK owns the nation’s largest library of documentaries and corresponding evidence-based, educational resources focused on social and emotional learning, character development, student mental health, and equity. Our company delivers this streaming service through personalized digital platforms that are branded for clients and promote their mission, message, internal programs, and partners.

  • Sample Multimedia Content

  • Sample Personalized Portals

  • Sample Print Resources

CWK offers three (3) streaming services, professional development for educators, and creative services to engage communities. Clients can choose from or combine the following:

  • CWK TV: SEL, Character Ed, and Mental Health

  • Refuse Remove Reasons: Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Defining Us: Equity and Achievement

  • Online Professional Development

CWK also provides a full suite of creative services and communication support our clients need to effectively engage their communities and tell their own stories. New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) is our largest client and leads the CWK school district network in leveraging our video production, copywriting, graphic design, and website development services to create personalized videos and portals that publicize and promote their programs and strategies.

  • NYC My Brother’s Keeper
  • CS4A Drumming and Coding
  • Let’s Talk NYC
  • NYCDOE Restorative Practices

About the Connect with Kids Network: CWK is a media and education company with a focus on improving mental health, increasing social justice, and expanding social and emotional learning for youth and families. The company owns the nation’s largest non-fiction, SEL video streaming service with corresponding, evidence-based educational resources for students, parents, and teachers. CWK is designated as an “Effective Producer” of programs by the U.S. Department of Education, appears on the U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse List as well as the the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service’s Administration’s (SAMSHA) National Registry of Effective Programs (NREPP), and has received over 27 Emmy awards and nominations for its television documentaries.