What Educators Say About Connect with Kids Programs


Teachers involved in a number of independent studies across the nation report that when Connect with Kids programs are used:

  • Bullying and threats of violence are reduced among students at school.
  • Students have significantly improved interpersonal relations.
  • Students’ have better control of their tempers, are more likely to follow rules and less likely to talk back to teachers.

“Materials are easy to use, teachers love it! The videos are
great and the kids love them.”

“The kids are so much more ready to talk after seeing the
video. Helps them ‘connect’.

It’s awesome!”

“After videos students were more eager to discuss
the topics than they were prior to seeing the videos.”

“Students are learning how to respect differences and
are seeking help to resolve conflicts peacefully.”

“There use to be more conflicts that were settled with
violence, whereas now I have had children let me know and
we were able to talk the problem out.”

Bullying and Violence Prevention:

  • Less likely to solve problems by fighting.
  • Less likely to pick on or bully other students.
  • Less likely to attempt to retaliate against those who made them angry.
  • Less likely to tolerate bullying from others.

Academic Motivation:

  • More likely to do their best even when schoolwork is hard.
  • More likely to continue to pursue goals despite setbacks and failures.
  • Less likely to give up when faced with problems.

Classroom Management:

  • More likely to report violations of school rules to teachers.
  • Less likely to blame others when they get in trouble.
  • More likely to obey the teacher and follow class rules.
  • More likely to help others even if they are not friends.
  • More likely to be patient with one another and share things with fellow students.