Training and Workshops

  • Connect with Kids provides staff development, parent workshops and student
    assemblies on student behavior and parent engagement in schools across the nation.
    For more information call 404-459-8081 ext. 198 or email


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    Each session includes:

    • Video-based excerpts of real students and parents struggling with specific emotional and social issues, and interviews with national experts that define, explain, and provide solutions to the challenges outlined.
    • The latest statistical information and research on the topics presented.
    • Objectives to foster learning and growth by providing information about cognitive processes and relationships, as well as the conditions that lead to the transformation of behaviors.

    Virtual Training

    All of the topics offered for on-site training are also available through virtual training, providing support for faculty and staff throughout the year.

    Online Courses

    Connect with Kids is a contracted vendor for the Arkansas State Department of Education to develop statewide online professional development courses. Courses feature professional studio moderators, streaming video segments with national experts and customized evaluation components.

    • Connect with Kids


    • What People are


  • Professional-Development-Speaker

    • Power of Expectations
      Motivating Positive Behavior
      Parents and Staff
    • Career Readiness
      Preparing for Post-High School Years
      Parents, Staff Students (6-12)
    • Culture of Cruelty
      for Parents, Staff, Students (K-12)
    • Technical Difficulties
      Cyber-Education and Ethics
      Parents, Staff, Students (K-12)
    • On the Rocks
      Underage Drinking
      Parents, Staff, Students (6-12)
    • Running Scared
      Competition, Stress and Anxiety
      Parents, Staff, Students (K-12)
    • Good Kids, Bad Choices
      High-Risk Behaviors
      Parents, Staff, Students (6-12)
    • Living from the Inside Out
      Positive Youth Development
      Parents, Staff, Students (K-12)
    • Addicted Kids
      Drug Use
      Parents, Staff, Students (6-12)
    • Partnering with Parents
      Engaging Parents Effectively
    • When They Say Jump
      Peer Pressure
      Parents, Staff, Students (6-12)
    • The Risk Within
      Depression and Self-Injury
      Parents, Staff, Students (9-12)
    • Shattered
      Drinking and Driving
      Parents, Staff, Students (9-12)