What People are Saying about Connect with Kids


“Stacey DeWitt was very knowledgeable.” “Excellent presentation that was well-organized, passionately taught and informative.” “We need this workshop for adult educators.” “Sad to say, but some counselors need this training because of these adult behaviors.” “Our entire District and parents need to hear this information.” “The session helped me to understand some of the issues and reasons for some behavior changes we are seeing now versus years ago. “I learned a new approach to go back with to implement in our building.” “Stacey Dewitt is an awesome presenter!” “The information was relevant – I learned so much.”

Feedback from Little Rock School District Professional Development for Elementary, Middle, and High School Counselors and Parent Coordinators

“The information and methods for creating a culture of acceptance within our school, presented by Stacey DeWitt, were very relevant and positive. Because bullying, taunting, excluding and isolating students can lead to fear, misery, lowered attendance, school shootings, and lawsuits against school districts who did not effectively handle bullying, I think it might be a good idea to consider our whole district working with the Connect with Kids Education Network. They have plans for dealing with alleged bullying which give the parent, student, teacher(s) and administration concrete steps to take so that the matter can be dealt with in a productive way. Mary Walker, Counselor, North Heights Elementary School
“Considering how many were interested in eating into their break time and watching your videos instead, I think it’s safe to say you captured their attention. A number of participants remarked that it would have been helpful for them had they heard from you in the first year or two of the initiative, as their parent engagement efforts would likely have been more effective had they known then what you shared with them last week. We probably could have made this session even longer than it was!” Lisa Sohn, Program Director, Start Strong: Building Healthy Teen Relationships
“We were all engrossed in Stacey’s compelling talk and videos. Her comfortable speaking style is engaging and inviting which prompted many questions of concern to all. Many questions were asked triggered by the videos of examples of real family pressures that touch us daily. Stacey helped us focus on these issues and ways to lessen the load. The evening was inspirational!” Elizabeth Spratlin, Patroness Activities, National Charity League
“What was the most valuable idea I learned from this seminar? How to explain to my child risk and reward analysis… to speak to my kids and understand their issues are complex… and the heavy handed rules fail.” Lunch and Learn Participants at the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta
“Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience with middle school educators from across the country. This was an outstanding event for all who attended.” Douglas Herlensky, Program Specialist, National Middle School Association
“I just wanted to let you and the rest of the crew at Connect with Kids know that I thought Stacey did an excellent job at the parent program. I will attend all of the sessions that my schedule allows.” Patti Agatston, Ph.D., L.P.C. Prevention/Intervention Counselor and Consultant
“I have been a teacher with special education students for 30 years. I have seen a lot of programs come and go, all claiming to make a huge impact on kids. But Connect with Kids is the only program that includes students, teachers, parents, and is current and up to date with what’s going on with teens.” Barbara Green, S.A.V.E. Program/Teacher
“What I like about Connect with Kids is the high quality and the fact that it’s real. You have real kids talking about the issues and that makes it cool. This is the medium that youth respond to.” Nathana S., MSW, M.Ed., Pupil Support and Attendance Coordinator, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
I am a juvenile probation officer in Texas. I caught your television program on teen gangs this morning and I was very impressed with the information given and the interviews with gang members.” Mike, juvenile probation officer