Custom Websites

Our custom websites offer 24/7 access to the most comprehensive, evidence-based video resources focused on improving the health, behavior and well-being of students and their families. Our websites are designed for students, teachers and parents that include:
  • Over 300 school-selected, evidence-based videos for students with downloadable lesson plans.
  • Video programs for parents in English and Spanish with corresponding parent resources and family viewing guides.
  • Professional development programs for teachers with corresponding assessments.
  • School colors, messaging and branding.
  • Links to additional school-selected resources and programs.
  • Weekly newsletters focused on the latest research on improving student behavior, health and wellness.
  • A personal username and password sign on system that provides access to all students, teachers and parents in the community.
  • Online training and ongoing Connect with Kids client support via phone and email.

Click the image above to learn more about Connect with Kids custom websites

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