Doug DePriest

Chief Media Officer or Executive Producer


Doug DePriest is a former cable executive and an award-winning creator of content. As an executive for Discovery’s Travel Channel, DePriest led the network’s production and development teams, grew the channel’s distribution from 16 million to over 70 million homes, and commissioned thousands of hours of original programming for air in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. DePriest left Discovery to create Big Fish Entertainment (BFE) that in 2012 was named one of the Top 100 Non-Fiction media companies in the world and has developed and produced programs for cable networks such as Discovery, National Geographic, A&E, VH1 and TLC. Their groundbreaking series Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan DePriest always had a desire to create non-fiction programming that would make the world a better place for his children and future generations. He sold his share of BFE to his partner and joined his long time friends Stacey and Sam DeWitt, to help expand the CWK media division. DePriest is currently the executive producer of a series of documentaries for NYCDOE focused on overcoming racial, economic, and gender inequities.
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