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  • Helping Kids Feel Safe and Secure at School

    School safety and security is top-of- mind in light of recent school shootings. Beyond visible uniformed guards, metal detectors and searches, research indicates that taking measures to increase a supportive, connected school culture may be more important than increased security  in helping children feel safe at school. In fact, studies show visible signs like the guards and […]

  • Living Strong: Help Kids to Play Fair and Drug-Free

    As the news du jour moves beyond Lance Armstrong and Tour de France doping, health-class, ethics and dinner table conversations might very well transition to middle school and high school sports, and the pressure and prevalence of a no less dangerous trend toward substance abuse. University of Minnesota research, published recently in the online journal Pediatrics, reports that teens are using […]

  • The X-Factor of Student Achievement

    What is an X-factor?  In the entertainment world it is often defined as a trait that allows a performer to connect with the audience – a kind of charisma that “emotionally pushes our buttons.”  Producers of competitive reality TV shows know that a contestant can’t win without it. “Losers” who don’t have it wonder why they […]

  • Bullying Defined

    As schools and society grapple with the bullying prevention challenge, it is important to first ask and understand: Just what defines bullying? Clear definition is even more critical now as schools face new responsibilities and liabilities related to the issue. It is important that we elevate the national dialogue on issues like caring, kindness, compassion and acceptance.  But […]

  • Why Educators Instead of TV News Anchors Should Define Bullying

    By Stacey DeWitt, Connect with Kids Founder and President The viral video of Jennifer Livingston, a Wisconsin television morning news anchor, who called a critical viewer a “bully,” raised quite a stir in Connect with Kids offices. A colleague who was moved by the story forwarded it to me with the subject Line: “Next Blog?” […]

  • Protecting Kids through Meaningful Connections

    Stacey DeWitt Connect with Kids Founder and President The Sandy Hook tragedy has affected parents, educators and students nationwide. In schools and homes around the country, we’re asking, “what to do?” At Connect with Kids, it’s Mother Teresa’s wisdom that comes to mind. When presented with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, she was asked, “What can […]