Bullying Bystanders

“If you ask each and every one of us, I’m sure we’ve all seen something every day.” – Shari, 19 years old Researchers at Brunel University in London surveyed over 2,000 kids about bullying and what they found was surprising. The kids who were neither the bully nor the victim- only bystanders, reported higher rates […]

Teen Finances

“I think that it’s easy for kids nowadays to get a hold of money and not appreciate it; not understand the value of it.” – Cassandra Morehead, mother It’s a dilemma faced by many parents: your child earns money from babysitting, a part-time job or even allowance. Do you let them spend it any way […]

Day Care Immunity

“The good side is that these children, when they get into the real school world, don’t get sick as much. They already have protection.” – Dr. Ruth Brown, a pediatrician It seems counterintuitive: kids in daycare will get sick from the germs on the hands and noses and sneezes of other children. And that’s good! […]

Teen Pregnancy Rates Up

“We need to grow up and be more responsible as adults, as Americans – who have so much information at hand, and yet we’re so afraid of sex that we won’t even teach our own children.” – Gail Elizabeth Wyatt, Ph.D., Child Psychologist New data from the Guttmacher Institute finds that after a decade of […]

It Takes a Village

“If somebody corrects you or your child’s behavior—the implication is that you are a bad parent.” – Holly Baird, Mother Is it appropriate to discipline someone else’s children who are behaving badly? Some people today say no, that’s a job reserved for the child’s parent. But, there can be problems when parents are the only […]

Teacher Recommendations

“I only see a few (recommendation letters) that are really specifically negative, but a few are less than positive. That’s the best way I can put it. Where they say, ‘Well, this student may be strong in this area in the future,’ or, ‘They have a lot of potential.’” – David Graves, Associate Director of […]

Obesity Rates Leveling

“If you have a gut, you are probably overweight.” – Luke Beno, M.D., Pediatrician On the subject of obesity and young people, there is both good news and bad news. The bad: a third of our kids are overweight. The good: that number hasn’t changed over the past five years. The Centers for Disease Control […]