About Connect with Kids


Connect with Kids Education Network (CWK) is an instructional media company that produces documentary-style videos and evidence-based curricula designed to improve student behavior, health and wellness. Using the power of storytelling and peer-to-peer learning, Connect with Kids programs spark emotional connection and inspire positive behavior and cultural change.

Founded in 1998, CWK owns one of the nation’s largest non-fiction multimedia libraries, with more than 6,000 hours of video featuring real kids sharing their real stories, along with expert advice. Video resources, complete with educational curricula, address bullying prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, academic motivation, life skills development, health and wellness, attendance, character development, career readiness and more.

Connect with Kids has been designated by the U.S. Department of Education as an “Effective Producer” of programs, with designation on its What Works Clearinghouse™.

A study of more than 800 students in Kansas City schools showed that CWK programs improve student behavior across multiple character and life skills, including teasing and bullying behaviors, cheating and lying, respect for classmates and teachers, and academic perseverance.

A nine-month study in Washington, D.C. schools found that physical and verbal aggressive behaviors decrease when CWK programs are used. In the control group, aggressive behaviors increased during the same time period.

A three-year study at 18 New York City archdiocesan high schools showed that in schools using CWK programs, students were less likely to use drugs and alcohol and more likely to rely upon effective strategies for refusing illegal substances.

Connect with Kids Refuse, Remove, Reasons drug and alcohol prevention program for high school students is listed on SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

Connect with Kids programs, which have also appeared on network television stations nationwide, have won over 27 Emmy nominations and awards, four Parents’ Choice awards and numerous industry awards.

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Schools and community organizations nationwide use Connect with Kids multimedia programming online and on-site. Connect with Kids digital learning resources, including WebSource; Custom Websites; Digital Health Literacy; and Inside Out: Real Stories about the Inner Choices that Shape Teen Lives, feature streaming videos and downloadable print resources that address social and emotional learning issues from life skills and character development to substance abuse prevention. An annual site license provides 24/7 access for students, parents and teachers.

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Complete curricula collections and topical DVD and print resources for the classroom also engage and empower elementary, middle and high school students to chart a positive course.

On-site and online parent engagement and professional development sessions provide training for parent coordinators, parent groups and educators. Training provides seamless implementation of Connect with Kids resources, along with the latest research, best practices and evidence-based strategies for addressing student behavior and cultural change.